Poker and How To Connect With People (Like Strangers, Prospective Customers, etc.)

poker-insightsDaniel Negreanu is one of the world’s top poker player. He is one of the few players who uses talk as a tactic.

He talks during the game to influence the other players’ play, thinking, betting, etc.

Daniel_Negreanu_2007_wikiAs part of his game, Daniel has studied how to connect with other people. In a recent interview (on the School of Greatness podcast), he shared some of his thoughts on how to make a connection.

“Really it comes down to getting to know people. And the first step is just asking them quesitons about their life. You know, very few people hate the idea of talking about themselves. Most people are comfortable with that.

To be good, it’s about being a good listener, not somebody who’s telling all about themselves. Really just showing an interest and actually caring what people say and making eye contact and asking follow-up questions. Ask about family, ask about people’s goals and dreams. People want to open up — they want to talk.”

Daniel uses this insight about people to help him in the game. His competitors are people . . . and so are your customers.

You’re a roofing contractor, not a therapist or a best buddy. But still, getting people to open up — even if it’s about their roof or their home — will be a good thing for you. It’s not about being manipulative here, instead it’s about connecting with people. Listening to them will also be good . . . for you and for them.

The photo of the card and chips is thanks to Images of Money. The photo of Daniel Negreanu is from Wikipedia.

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