Get More Done . . . By Knowing the Law


Pomodoro and Parkinson

You know, there are a lot of restrictive laws that we in the roofing industry have to deal with. It’s one of the many challenges we face every day.

Here’s a law that is never going to go away — no amount of lobbying will change that. It’s called Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s Law isn’t a rule enforced by the government. It’s a “law of nature.”

This is what it says: “Work expands to fill the time available.”alarm-clock-roof-insight

For example, if you give yourself five hours to figure out what you want to say on your new door hanger, that task will take you at least five hours.

Or give your salespeople a week to compile a list of all their “open” leads from the last month, and the job will take them . . . a week.

That’s the law: work expands to fill the time available.

It’s part of human nature.

The thing is, while no one can ever change this law, you can work with it. You can use it to your benefit.

Give yourself and your employees less time to do the things on your to do list — not more.

Allow yourself more time, and you will use it. Give yourself less time — and you’ll get more done.

And here is a method you can use to keep yourself moving ahead and taking care of the chores on your list. It was invented by an Italian guy, and it’s called the Pomodoro Technique.

Pomodoro Technique is easy: set a timer for twenty-five minutes. Work for twenty-five minutes — and take a five-minute break. That’s it.

Obey the timer as best as you’re able. Don’t let the work run on endlessly.timer-clock-roof-chief

And here’s another tip that will help: write down what you did for each twenty-five minute stretch. If you skip a task, and chat with buddy on the phone for twenty-five minutes, write that down. If a job you’ve given yourself twenty-five minutes to do takes an hour and a half, write that down, too. The idea is to keep yourself accountable. Maybe you’ll be less likely to blow off an important task if you’ve got to make a record of it.

By the way, Parkinson’s Law was named after the guy who first wrote it down: C. Northcote Parkinson. Just drop that guy’s name at a party to impress your friends.

And give yourself less time to do the tasks on your list. You’ll have more accomplishments to show for it.

Thank you to flik for the photo of “Busy Schedule?” Thanks to r. nial bradshaw for the kitchen timer photo. And finally, thank you to ddqhu for the cool clock photo.

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