Selling something? Try being enthusiastic about it.


A sale is is a transfer of enthusiasm. If you’re enthusiastic about what you’re selling, and you get the person you’re meeting with enthusiastic about it as well, then you’re most likely going to be successful and make the sale happen. I’ve heeded that advice now for close to 15 years . . . It’s absolutely true.

I heard this advice on Mixergy, the best business podcast out there, in my opinion.

These words were spoken by Brian Leventhal, owner of the Brooklyn Winery.

I’m not a big wine drinker myself — I’d prefer a cold beer. But if somebody is enthusiastic about wine and wants me to try some, that person is probably going to be successful. Enthusiasm works.

This applies to roofing, too. When you sell a job, are you enthusiastic? Or are you too cool for that? wine-bottles-roofers

Are you enthusiastic to serve your customers and do a good job for them? Can they see it when you present your bid?

Like the quote above says, selling is about the transfer of enthusiasm. The first step is to get enthusiastic, the second is to transfer it to your potential customer. Then make the sale and do a great job.

If this works for you, great. Let’s celebrate with a beer. Or a glass of wine, whatever.

Thanks for the use of the photos: the hands holding money is courtesy of 401(K) 2013, and the wine bottles come to us from Eduardo.

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