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If you get too many annoying or “sales” emails, you need to use this service.

(It is completely free — and we are not being paid to promote this tool.) takes all those unimportant emails and combines them into one nice and tidy message that you receive once a day. puts you in a better position to quickly and effortlessly deal with your emails. (Or — if you choose — you can decide to ignore all of them.)

A cleaner inbox is better for your day and better for your productivity.

Your email program will no longer notify you that you’ve got “new email” every time one of these messages comes in. Being notified about unimportant email is just another distraction in your day.

Signing up with is pretty quick. It took me under ten minutes. During the set-up process, you decide which emails you still want to receive separately and which ones you want “rolled up” into the once daily message.

And you can change your mind at any point. You can add more senders to your daily roll-up — or separate them out.

I rolled up messages from a sporting good store, from a hotel I once visited, from my high school alumni office. I kept emails separate from Amazon, from my bank, and so on. will not keep you from getting important emails! You will not miss the messages you need.

Put yourself back in control. Take your email inbox back!

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