A Tale about Fencing


This story was passed along to me recently by Tom Kirk, Oregon Territory Manager for CertainTeed. The story concerns fences, but I think you'll quickly see how it relates to the roofing business, too. The story is about a homeowner who wanted a new fence for her backyard. She called three fencing contractors to get bids. The first guy arrived twenty minutes late and asked to go into the backyard so he could measure the property line. When he was done, he went out to his truck for five … [Read more...]

Rod Menzel at the upcoming Best of Success Conference


Our own Rod Menzel, contributing editor of Roof Insight, will be speaking at the upcoming Best of Success conference in San Marcos, Florida. Rod's talk, on the morning of September 22, is titled "Creative Communication to Win Customers." It will focus on best sales techniques in today's very competitive and rapidly changing world. As he does here on the Roof Insight site, Rod will be providing ideas of real value to roofing contractors. Roofing Contractor Magazine's Best of Success conference … [Read more...]

Three Take-Aways for the Non-Football Fan


Here are three winning techniques you can implement at your business: 1. Re-name the days of the week A winning Super Bowl coach focuses on specific, important aspects of football during the week. He gives special names to the practice days, like "Competition Wednesdays" and "Turnover Thursdays." This is a perfect example of: you get what you emphasize. How can you put this winning technique in your own business? Set up specific times during the week to work on the important areas of … [Read more...]