Clean up your inbox with


Have you signed up with yet? If you get too many annoying or "sales" emails, you need to use this service. (It is completely free -- and we are not being paid to promote this tool.) takes all those unimportant emails and combines them into one nice and tidy message that you receive once a day. puts you in a better position to quickly and effortlessly deal with your emails. (Or -- if you choose -- you can decide to ignore all of them.) A cleaner inbox is … [Read more...]

YouTube and the Roofing Contractor


In our internet-addicted world, you need to have a business presence online. And that includes YouTube. YouTube is a big deal -- and it is definitely worth your attention as you establish your company's footprint on the internet. Four billion videos are watched on YouTube each day. Four billion. That's a lot of people who are on YouTube every day -- including your customers and potential customers. The goal with a business YouTube channel is to establish a presence there -- and to have … [Read more...]