Art and Science: A Story about Roofing


Mrs. Prospective Customer calls and needs a new roof. On the phone, you discover that your company is not the only one bidding on the job. Over the next few days, in a few conversations, you try to win the customer to your side. She has questions and reservations, but you are professional, patient, and persistent. Your efforts succeed: you get the job. Working on your customer's new roof requires science: you install the right products in the right places, and you end up with a well-built … [Read more...]

Five Numbers You Have To Track for Your Roofing Business


You've probably heard this before: "what you pay attention to, grows." Maybe a better way of saying it would be: "what you track, you can impact." We believe this be true. We have seen this at work in our own lives and businesses. Of course, anyone who has ever tried to lose some weight knows all about this idea. The first thing you do when you are trying to drop a few pounds is to watch what you eat. It's no longer just business as usual -- you pay attention to what you're eating and … [Read more...]

Roofs Gone Wrong #001


  This website is all about roofing contractors getting ahead... And that starts with doing the job right. From time to time -- just for laughs -- we'll be presenting some examples of the job done ... not so right. It's our feature called: Roofs Gone Wrong. Today's evidence was captured by Frank Puggi of Havertown, PA. If you spot some funny, interesting or shoddy roofing work, please alert us, and we'll feature it here. Success starts with doing the job right! … [Read more...]

Civilians, Knuckleheads, and Serious Roofing Contractors

Serious Roofing Contractor

Yep. Those three categories. Those are the three types of people we see in the world. Civilians are just regular people, outside the roofing industry. Most civilians wouldn't know a step flashing from a roll of felt -- and that's okay. Roofing contractors are here to help civilians -- they're our customers, after all. Then there are knuckleheads -- people who intentionally or unintentionally screw up the business. Knuckleheads get in the way of you doing your work smoothly and … [Read more...]