Clean up your inbox with


Have you signed up with yet? If you get too many annoying or "sales" emails, you need to use this service. (It is completely free -- and we are not being paid to promote this tool.) takes all those unimportant emails and combines them into one nice and tidy message that you receive once a day. puts you in a better position to quickly and effortlessly deal with your emails. (Or -- if you choose -- you can decide to ignore all of them.) A cleaner inbox is … [Read more...]

Just like Microsoft Word


Do you remember the first time you ever used Microsoft Word? Neither do I. But here's what I think happened: I opened up the program, looked at it for a minute, and then started typing. Without much effort at all, I was using it. Cool. And that's probably what happened for you, too. That quick and easy start is the goal behind the design of Roof Chief's software, too. To use the Chief, you don't need a advanced degree in computer engineering. You won't need hours of … [Read more...]