Sales Advice: Selling Aspirin and Crayons


Know what it is that you are selling. Different things are sold in different ways. The process by which cars are sold, for instance, is very different than the way a computer is sold. Are you selling aspirin or a crayon? Aspirin is something that solves a problem. It takes a pain away. A crayon is something colorful. It is all about how something looks. So in the roofing industry, which thing are you selling? Crayon or aspirin? Typically, you're selling aspirin. Your products and … [Read more...]

The Roof Insight Guide to Roofing Truck Graphics


THINKING ABOUT RE-DOING YOUR TRUCKS? USE THIS GUIDE TO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BEST MARKETING BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Let's agree that the goal for truck art is to get your company noticed by potential customers. Get them to remember and contact you. It's that simple. But actually getting noticed, remembered and contacted -- actually doing those things -- that's not easy.  On the road, your trucks have to stand out not just from those of other roofing contractors, but trucks from other trades … [Read more...]

Roofs Gone Wrong #001


  This website is all about roofing contractors getting ahead... And that starts with doing the job right. From time to time -- just for laughs -- we'll be presenting some examples of the job done ... not so right. It's our feature called: Roofs Gone Wrong. Today's evidence was captured by Frank Puggi of Havertown, PA. If you spot some funny, interesting or shoddy roofing work, please alert us, and we'll feature it here. Success starts with doing the job right! … [Read more...]

The Art of Shutting Up


Maybe you've heard this sales advice before. I didn't invent it. But maybe you'd benefit from a reminder... The advice is this: shut up. Rather, after you've made your pitch to the prospect, shut up. Let the prospect talk. Here's a quick example -- a conversation between the Salesman and the Prospect. Salesman: The price for the new roof would be $40,000. Prospect is thinking about that price. It's about in line with what she expected. The salesman interprets the silence as concern. … [Read more...]

Ask for the Positive Review


You've probably heard this sales advice before: ask for the sale. You won't get it if you don't ask for it. Well, the same advice applies to the world of online reviews. You've got to ask your happy customers to post their positive reviews online, at places like Yelp, Angie's List, Facebook, and Google+. Like any other aspect of your business, if you want online reviews to go well, then you've got to have a system for it. That is, make asking for a positive online review part of your "job … [Read more...]

The Purpose of Hard Work


Two quotations about hard work: "The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price." - Vince Lombardi "If you look at our parent's generation, they are not really interested in the results, but how hard you work. It's that old school work ethic. I hear this from people, that their significance comes from how hard they work, how stressed out they are. 'I have … [Read more...]

Roof Insight Show: Chris Zazo of Aspenmark Roofing & Solar – Ep. 3


Chris Zazo of Aspenmark Roofing and Solar Ethics -- and fun -- make for a great ride in the roofing industry. You can hear it in his voice: Chris Zazo is clearly having fun at his company, Aspenmark Roofing and Solar. What's more, he and his staff have achieved a great deal of of success, through hard work, honesty, passion, and a solid background in sales. This interview contains a ton of actionable advice and suggestions you can use. For instance, Chris talks about how he uses hardcore … [Read more...]

Be the Profit


Be the profit. No, this isn't a piece of ancient Chinese wisdom or anything like that. The "Profit" is a business show on CNBC. It's pretty good. If you are interested at all in business, you should try watching it. The star of the show is a guy who's had some real success. His name is Marcus Lemonis, and he is the CEO of Camping World, along with a few other companies. Each week, Marcus comes into struggling businesses and tries to turn it around. Of course, it's reality TV: There's … [Read more...]