Roof Insight Show: Bill Baley of CI Services – Ep. 5


Bill Baley of CI Services A self-described "association junky" and "cat herder" shares his thoughts on running a business and making an impact. Have a listen to our most recent show. There are a lot of great ideas -- and a lot of food for thought here! Bill Baley started his company, CI Services, in 1992. He has achieved a lot with the company since then. Bill combines a real friendly, open attitude with a dedication to professional and high standards. The combination has helped Bill … [Read more...]

Leadership and the Business Machine


A good business is like a machine. You've heard this before, but it is worth repeating. A good business runs. Like a machine, it does its job. It brings about a result, and repeats. Like a machine, a good business is a system. A business system is where each member of the team knows the job that they've got to do -- and they do it each day. In a machine, each part has its job to perform. A good machine doesn't have extra or unnecessary parts. The leader is in charge of the machine -- … [Read more...]

The difference between a successful person and others is…


Another great comment by Vince Lombardi.  Sure, there are many reasons why a person -- or a business -- does not achieve success. But those who are truly committed -- and who act accordingly -- have a much better shot. If you're not reaching your goals and you're completely committed to them, what can you change? What can you do better? Don't lose your will -- lose instead the habits and distractions that are keeping you from success. Thank you to Lee Cannon for the great photo of … [Read more...]

YouTube and the Roofing Contractor


In our internet-addicted world, you need to have a business presence online. And that includes YouTube. YouTube is a big deal -- and it is definitely worth your attention as you establish your company's footprint on the internet. Four billion videos are watched on YouTube each day. Four billion. That's a lot of people who are on YouTube every day -- including your customers and potential customers. The goal with a business YouTube channel is to establish a presence there -- and to have … [Read more...]

Five Numbers You Have To Track for Your Roofing Business


You've probably heard this before: "what you pay attention to, grows." Maybe a better way of saying it would be: "what you track, you can impact." We believe this be true. We have seen this at work in our own lives and businesses. Of course, anyone who has ever tried to lose some weight knows all about this idea. The first thing you do when you are trying to drop a few pounds is to watch what you eat. It's no longer just business as usual -- you pay attention to what you're eating and … [Read more...]

Never Bring Me Just A Problem


A technique for getting employees to think for themselves This is an easy rule to start in your office. It's also a win-win for both you and your employees. The rule is simple: your employees are never allowed to bring you *just* a problem. They need to also have an idea for a solution. This is a win for you, because you're not just getting problems thrown at you. If you're the only person in your office who is capable of handling trouble and thinking of solutions, you wind up … [Read more...]

Who do you surround yourself with?


  There are employees who just do as they're told. They just do the job. That's fine. But then there are people who bring ideas to the table and who challenge others to come up with ideas, too. A business is staffed by people. It sure helps when those people can think for themselves . . . and think of ideas. Thank you to Shardayy for the photo used here. We cropped it a bit and switched the colors. But it is a great shot!   … [Read more...]

Get More Done . . . By Knowing the Law


Pomodoro and Parkinson You know, there are a lot of restrictive laws that we in the roofing industry have to deal with. It's one of the many challenges we face every day. Here's a law that is never going to go away -- no amount of lobbying will change that. It's called Parkinson's Law. Parkinson's Law isn't a rule enforced by the government. It's a "law of nature." This is what it says: "Work expands to fill the time available." For example, if you give yourself five hours to figure … [Read more...]

Know Profit…


We believe in this. First of all, you have to know that you are making a profit on your jobs. What's the point to being in business otherwise? Second, you should know the profit you'll make on a given job before you do it. You should know your expected profit as part of the estimating process, before you even present a contract to the customer. Know your profit . . . and you will know peace! … [Read more...]

Roof Insight Show: Tracey Prociw of Rainier View Construction and Roofing – Ep. 4


Tracey Prociw of Rainier View Construction and Roofing A focus on customer service -- and strength of character -- add up to big success in the roofing industry. Don and Tracey Prociw own and run Rainier View Construction and Roofing in the state of Washington. Don focuses on producing the projects, and Tracey runs the business. In this episode of the Roof Insight Show, Tracey talks about some of the systems she and Don have put in place that work well for their company. Tracey says a big … [Read more...]