Who do you surround yourself with?


  There are employees who just do as they're told. They just do the job. That's fine. But then there are people who bring ideas to the table and who challenge others to come up with ideas, too. A business is staffed by people. It sure helps when those people can think for themselves . . . and think of ideas. Thank you to Shardayy for the photo used here. We cropped it a bit and switched the colors. But it is a great shot!   … [Read more...]

Know Profit…


We believe in this. First of all, you have to know that you are making a profit on your jobs. What's the point to being in business otherwise? Second, you should know the profit you'll make on a given job before you do it. You should know your expected profit as part of the estimating process, before you even present a contract to the customer. Know your profit . . . and you will know peace! … [Read more...]

Roofs Gone Wrong #001


¬† This website is all about roofing contractors getting ahead... And that starts with doing the job right. From time to time -- just for laughs -- we'll be presenting some examples of the job done ... not so right. It's our feature called: Roofs Gone Wrong. Today's evidence was captured by Frank Puggi of Havertown, PA. If you spot some funny, interesting or shoddy roofing work, please alert us, and we'll feature it here. Success starts with doing the job right! … [Read more...]

If you pay peanuts…


This is something your customers should consider when they balk at the price you quote them. This is also something you should bear in mind when you hire installers or a marketing company, etc. What do think about this saying?   Thank you to Felipe Skroski¬†for the really cool monkey image used here. … [Read more...]