Go Big – Goal Setting for 2015


It's the start of a new year, folks, in case you hadn't heard. This is the time when people make New Year's Resolutions, of course. And it's also the time when a bunch of other people criticize New Year's Resolutions -- or make fun of them. Which camp are you in? Well, we're not going to wade into that battle, but . . . Goals are different than resolutions. Hitting a certain revenue number (a goal) can be powerful and effective. Trying to eat fewer cookies after work (a … [Read more...]

2015 – Start Here


It's a New Year. It's brand new. You can look at the coming year as a completely blank piece of paper. Nothing is written on it. Though the paper contains nothing but possibilities -- and though there are no words there now -- one thing is certain... You can be sure that in 365 days, that paper will be filled, just as 2014 is now written and past. And another thing: the paper is only so big. You don't get unlimited space to fill. This is your time. This is the year ahead. So … [Read more...]

The difference between a successful person and others is…


Another great comment by Vince Lombardi.  Sure, there are many reasons why a person -- or a business -- does not achieve success. But those who are truly committed -- and who act accordingly -- have a much better shot. If you're not reaching your goals and you're completely committed to them, what can you change? What can you do better? Don't lose your will -- lose instead the habits and distractions that are keeping you from success. Thank you to Lee Cannon for the great photo of … [Read more...]

The Purpose of Hard Work


Two quotations about hard work: "The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price." - Vince Lombardi "If you look at our parent's generation, they are not really interested in the results, but how hard you work. It's that old school work ethic. I hear this from people, that their significance comes from how hard they work, how stressed out they are. 'I have … [Read more...]

Three Super Bowl Take-Aways For Roofing Contractors


If you're a football fan, you know what I mean when I say: you look for lessons about life in the game. (If you're not a football fan or if you don't like the Seahawks and you just want to skip to the business ideas, click here.) Football is a lot like business. In football, your goal is to win. You make a game plan. And then it's a struggle against the opposition. In the end, you either win or you lose -- you reach your goal or you don't. No matter what you thought about the Super Bowl … [Read more...]

Civilians, Knuckleheads, and Serious Roofing Contractors

Serious Roofing Contractor

Yep. Those three categories. Those are the three types of people we see in the world. Civilians are just regular people, outside the roofing industry. Most civilians wouldn't know a step flashing from a roll of felt -- and that's okay. Roofing contractors are here to help civilians -- they're our customers, after all. Then there are knuckleheads -- people who intentionally or unintentionally screw up the business. Knuckleheads get in the way of you doing your work smoothly and … [Read more...]