YouTube and the Roofing Contractor


In our internet-addicted world, you need to have a business presence online. And that includes YouTube. YouTube is a big deal -- and it is definitely worth your attention as you establish your company's footprint on the internet. Four billion videos are watched on YouTube each day. Four billion. That's a lot of people who are on YouTube every day -- including your customers and potential customers. The goal with a business YouTube channel is to establish a presence there -- and to have … [Read more...]

The Roof Insight Guide to Roofing Truck Graphics


THINKING ABOUT RE-DOING YOUR TRUCKS? USE THIS GUIDE TO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BEST MARKETING BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Let's agree that the goal for truck art is to get your company noticed by potential customers. Get them to remember and contact you. It's that simple. But actually getting noticed, remembered and contacted -- actually doing those things -- that's not easy.  On the road, your trucks have to stand out not just from those of other roofing contractors, but trucks from other trades … [Read more...]

Ask for the Positive Review


You've probably heard this sales advice before: ask for the sale. You won't get it if you don't ask for it. Well, the same advice applies to the world of online reviews. You've got to ask your happy customers to post their positive reviews online, at places like Yelp, Angie's List, Facebook, and Google+. Like any other aspect of your business, if you want online reviews to go well, then you've got to have a system for it. That is, make asking for a positive online review part of your "job … [Read more...]

The Best in the Business: A Story


Here's a great story I got from Lou Holtz on a leadership training video he did for an automobile manufacturer back in the early 80’s. I use it often with my youth sports teams and bring it out in business from time to time. It starts with, “I had a dream last night that the top three roofers walked up to a fresh-water pool with a large, stripped bass swimming around inside it. The guys decided that whoever could get the fish out of the pool would be 'best in the business.' The first guy … [Read more...]