Estimating a Roof? Then do some LAPS.


Back in high school P.E. class, being made to run laps was not a good thing. In P.E., we often did laps as a punishment. On other days, we had to run laps simply because the PE teacher was tired and not feeling like dealing with a bunch of high schoolers. But in roofing, doing laps is a good thing. When you measure and estimate a roof, of course, you'll figure out how many squares you're dealing with. But not all squares on the roof are the same. So do some LAPS... LAYERS. How many layers … [Read more...]

Price for Profit


This one is simple: when you estimate a job, figure out the profit you're going to make on it. (If you do this already, you pass. Good going. Probably no need to read the rest of this article.) Knowing the potential profit on a job gives you power. The profit tells you everything about a job. 1. It tells you if the job is worth doing or not. Would you work for 40 hours to pocket $40? Or $400? How about $4,000? Knowing the profit also helps you decide between different possible … [Read more...]