The Best in the Business: A Story

Spoonful-of-waterHere’s a great story I got from Lou Holtz on a leadership training video he did for an automobile manufacturer back in the early 80’s. I use it often with my youth sports teams and bring it out in business from time to time.

It starts with, “I had a dream last night that the top three roofers walked up to a fresh-water pool with a large, stripped bass swimming around inside it. The guys decided that whoever could get the fish out of the pool would be ‘best in the business.’

The first guy stepped up with a rifle and tried to shoot the fish and missed left. The second guy stepped up with a net and took a swipe at the fish and didn’t even come close. Then it was my turn. I came up to the pool with a spoon, to which everyone started laughing and asked what are you doing? I replied, ‘I’m going to be the best in the business.’ Scoop by scoop, I drained the pool and got the fish.”

You see, if we do the small things day in and day out — the things that matter the most — we will be the best in the business. It’s never the big shot or the panicked swipe that will make you the best.

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