In Praise of Assembly Lines


The words "assembly line" aren't very sexy. An assembly line is not exciting or exotic. But assembly lines make over 60 million cars around the world every year. That's a lot of cars. And those cars make for a lot of profitable companies. (Assembly lines also bring about millions and millions of computers, TV's, planes, guitars, etc.) Maybe it's time for assembly lines to benefit the roofing business. Specifically your roofing business. The thing about assembly lines is they … [Read more...]

Estimating a Roof? Then do some LAPS.


Back in high school P.E. class, being made to run laps was not a good thing. In P.E., we often did laps as a punishment. On other days, we had to run laps simply because the PE teacher was tired and not feeling like dealing with a bunch of high schoolers. But in roofing, doing laps is a good thing. When you measure and estimate a roof, of course, you'll figure out how many squares you're dealing with. But not all squares on the roof are the same. So do some LAPS... LAYERS. How many layers … [Read more...]

But I have bids from other companies that are lower? (Use this!)


What do you say when you hear this... But I have bids from other companies that are lower? Anyone who has ever pitched a prospective customer has heard something like this before. Right? Here is something that I think people say when they hear this other bid objection: "Yeah, well we may be more a little expensive, but we are also better. You get what you pay for." I personally have said that to a customer before. Salespeople have said it to me, too. It's not a great reply. The … [Read more...]

Time to move your desk?


Before I got into roofing, I had a sales job. One of the first things I wanted to do there was get myself set up. I figured out that the desk they had assigned me would fit on another wall -- and that if I moved the desk, I'd have a nice window view from where I sat. The sales manager was an old crusty guy who was good at his job. When I told him that I wanted to move my desk he said, "Yeah. Everybody who comes in here always likes to move their desks around. I don't see what that has to … [Read more...]

The Best in the Business: A Story


Here's a great story I got from Lou Holtz on a leadership training video he did for an automobile manufacturer back in the early 80’s. I use it often with my youth sports teams and bring it out in business from time to time. It starts with, “I had a dream last night that the top three roofers walked up to a fresh-water pool with a large, stripped bass swimming around inside it. The guys decided that whoever could get the fish out of the pool would be 'best in the business.' The first guy … [Read more...]