Bill Parcells. The Roofer?

I recently visited the office of a residential roofer here in California.bill parcells

It was a nice visit — in large part because the business is doing pretty well. They’re working hard to line up customers, and their hard work is paying off: they have jobs in production now and jobs on the books for the future.

When I commented that all things considered the business seemed to be doing pretty well, the owner said, “Yeah, we’re doing okay. But what if Bill Parcells was in here for a while?”

Bill Parcells? What was he talking about?

“We’re doing okay here. But we could be doing better. Sometimes I think about what if Bill Parcells was in here. Or Vince Lombardi. Those guys knew how to lead.”

Well, yeah — he’s right. Those guys were great coaches — and they did know how to lead.

The owner continued, “If I walked away from the office for six months and let Bill Parcells take over, what would be different when I came back? I think things would be a little bit better. I think my salesman might be more inspired. I think my crews might do a little better job.”

I get the guy’s point. Things are good at his business — but everything’s not perfect.

The owner of the business knew he could be an even better leader.

Maybe you’re not a Giants fan (Or a fan of the Patriots, Jets, Cowboys, or Dolphins — where he also coached.) Maybe you’re not even a football fan. But the point remains.

The thing is, though, Bill Parcells demanded the best out of his players. He demanded results, and he got them.

So — I’m sorry to say — you can’t go to Hawaii for six months while Bill Parcells manages your store. You’ve got to stay there, stick with it, and demand the best from yourself and your employees. We all do.

Here are some quick quotes from Coach Parcells:

    • I’m not really in the excuse business.
    • There is winning and there is misery.
    • I am demanding.
    • No matter how much you’ve won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you’re not winning now, so you stink.

If you can’t swap yourself for Bill Parcells — and you can’t — then you’ve got to use him for inspiration and step up your game. Be demanding, mostly on yourself. Do it today!


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