2015 – Start Here

2015-fireworks-1It’s a New Year.

It’s brand new. You can look at the coming year as a completely blank piece of paper. Nothing is written on it.

Though the paper contains nothing but possibilities — and though there are no words there now — one thing is certain…post-NYE

You can be sure that in 365 days, that paper will be filled, just as 2014 is now written and past.

And another thing: the paper is only so big. You don’t get unlimited space to fill.

This is your time. This is the year ahead.

So how are you going to fill it? What are you going to do?

Put yourself in the driver’s seat in 2015. Take control of your year.

We recommend making goals to start the new year. Goals are a very powerful way of making your life the way you want it to be. (We’ll have a little more on goals tomorrow.)blank-book

But goals won’t help you if you don’t follow up with action.

So yes, make goals. But also make a list of what you are going to do. And then follow through by doing what you have written.

Here is an example from my personal life. It is not a goal — it is a statement of what I will do…

“In 2015, I will not eat or drink sugar.”

(Does that sound overly harsh or painful? Well, I have a sweet tooth — so it will be a challenge. But I am confident that my health will benefit. And I won’t have to buy pants with a bigger waistline either.)

The example above is a statement. It can be done. I will do it.

What can you do? What will you do this year?

Don’t you deserve to have a great year in 2015?

A great, fulfilling year is not going to just show up out of nowhere. It is your responsibility to make things happen.

So get to it. Fill that blank paper with the words you want see there. Make the most of this opportunity.

And happy new year!

Thank you for the use of the photos here. To Anthony Quintano for the New York New Year’s aftermath, to Amri HMS for the fireworks, to Kate Hiscock for the open book, and finally to photosteve101 for the pencil on the blank page.

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