In Praise of Assembly Lines


The words "assembly line" aren't very sexy. An assembly line is not exciting or exotic. But assembly lines make over 60 million cars around the world every year. That's a lot of cars. And those cars make for a lot of profitable companies. (Assembly lines also bring about millions and millions of computers, TV's, planes, guitars, etc.) Maybe it's time for assembly lines to benefit the roofing business. Specifically your roofing business. The thing about assembly lines is they … [Read more...]

Roof Insight Show: Chris Tulp of Premier Roofing – Episode 2


Chris Tulp of Premier Roofing Company Door-to-door sales lead a broke surfer to business success. Chris Tulp, co-founder of Premier Roofing Company tells how he partnered with a friend from college to create a thriving roofing company based in Denver, Colorado. Chris -- and his partner, Ben -- broke into the business via door-to-door sales. The guys found that they didn't just sell roofs -- they also became advocates for their customers. Chris and Ben made sure that all their customers were … [Read more...]

Selling something? Try being enthusiastic about it.


A sale is is a transfer of enthusiasm. If you’re enthusiastic about what you’re selling, and you get the person you’re meeting with enthusiastic about it as well, then you’re most likely going to be successful and make the sale happen. I’ve heeded that advice now for close to 15 years . . . It’s absolutely true. I heard this advice on Mixergy, the best business podcast out there, in my opinion. These words were spoken by Brian Leventhal, owner of the Brooklyn Winery. I'm not a big wine … [Read more...]

Roof Insight Show: Chad Muth of Muth & Co. – Episode 1


Chad Muth of Muth & Company -  From laughed out of the office to ... being asked for a job by his old boss. Chad Muth, a successful roofing contractor from Columbus, Ohio, talks about how his boss laughed him out of the office -- and then a few years later, asked him for a job. He also discusses the lowest point of his business -- and how it helped him grow bigger and better. We hear what happened when two of his guys went around to his customers and tried undercut him. Finally, he … [Read more...]