Estimating a Roof? Then do some LAPS.


Back in high school P.E. class, being made to run laps was not a good thing. In P.E., we often did laps as a punishment. On other days, we had to run laps simply because the PE teacher was tired and not feeling like dealing with a bunch of high schoolers. But in roofing, doing laps is a good thing. When you measure and estimate a roof, of course, you'll figure out how many squares you're dealing with. But not all squares on the roof are the same. So do some LAPS... LAYERS. How many layers … [Read more...]

Poker and How To Connect With People (Like Strangers, Prospective Customers, etc.)


Daniel Negreanu is one of the world's top poker player. He is one of the few players who usesĀ talkĀ as a tactic. He talks during the game to influence the other players' play, thinking, betting, etc. As part of his game, Daniel has studied how to connect with other people. In a recent interview (on the School of Greatness podcast), he shared some of his thoughts on how to make a connection. "Really it comes down to getting to know people. And the first step is just asking them quesitons … [Read more...]

But I have bids from other companies that are lower? (Use this!)


What do you say when you hear this... But I have bids from other companies that are lower? Anyone who has ever pitched a prospective customer has heard something like this before. Right? Here is something that I think people say when they hear this other bid objection: "Yeah, well we may be more a little expensive, but we are also better. You get what you pay for." I personally have said that to a customer before. Salespeople have said it to me, too. It's not a great reply. The … [Read more...]

10 Ideas to Improve Your Roofing Company’s Customer Service

Customer Service for Roofing

"Customer service is not important at all. Just put the roof on the guy's house and you're done." -No One Successful Ever That quote is a joke. Here's a more serious thought, though: excellent customer service today brings in the customers of tomorrow. And here's another idea: excellent customer service now means happy customers now. (And happy customers mean no drama.) Do you have time for customer drama? Is that why you're in business? Below are ten ideas to improve your roofing … [Read more...]

Which dollar makes you rich?


A disclaimer: This idea is not original to me -- I cannot take credit for it. If anyone knows the origin of this, please let tell me and I'll update the article. Look at a millionaire. Which dollar did he earn that made him so financially well off? Well? Which one was it? It's not that one dollar makes a millionaire, obviously. It's all the dollars. No one dollar will make you rich. Instead, it is the act of collecting dollars. If you earn just one dollar -- that won't make you … [Read more...]

Three Take-Aways for the Non-Football Fan


Here are three winning techniques you can implement at your business: 1. Re-name the days of the week A winning Super Bowl coach focuses on specific, important aspects of football during the week. He gives special names to the practice days, like "Competition Wednesdays" and "Turnover Thursdays." This is a perfect example of: you get what you emphasize. How can you put this winning technique in your own business? Set up specific times during the week to work on the important areas of … [Read more...]

Three Super Bowl Take-Aways For Roofing Contractors


If you're a football fan, you know what I mean when I say: you look for lessons about life in the game. (If you're not a football fan or if you don't like the Seahawks and you just want to skip to the business ideas, click here.) Football is a lot like business. In football, your goal is to win. You make a game plan. And then it's a struggle against the opposition. In the end, you either win or you lose -- you reach your goal or you don't. No matter what you thought about the Super Bowl … [Read more...]

Doing Mick Jagger’s Roof


Let's say you book another re-roof job. It's a fairly nice house -- and a pretty good job for your company. When your crew starts work on the first day, a guy comes out of the house and introduces himself. It's Mick Jagger. Mick is friendly and down-to-earth. He tells your crew that he bought the house recently. He didn't want a mansion -- he just wants a nice place to hang out and maybe write a new song or two with Keith Richards. Suddenly this isn't just another job you're doing -- … [Read more...]