How to Talk About Your Competition

Roofing Tips and Advice

It happens: you're pitching a potential customer -- and the customer brings up one of your competitors. “I saw XYZ roofing doing a job down the street and I’ll be getting a bid from them as well. What do you think of them?” You should be doing this job, not one of your competitors. Right? So what do you say about the competition? Here's a suggestion: "XYZ Roofing? Yeah, I know them. They do bad work, they smell bad, and they’re losers." That's one idea. Or you could use what … [Read more...]

Price for Profit


This one is simple: when you estimate a job, figure out the profit you're going to make on it. (If you do this already, you pass. Good going. Probably no need to read the rest of this article.) Knowing the potential profit on a job gives you power. The profit tells you everything about a job. 1. It tells you if the job is worth doing or not. Would you work for 40 hours to pocket $40? Or $400? How about $4,000? Knowing the profit also helps you decide between different possible … [Read more...]

Civilians, Knuckleheads, and Serious Roofing Contractors

Serious Roofing Contractor

Yep. Those three categories. Those are the three types of people we see in the world. Civilians are just regular people, outside the roofing industry. Most civilians wouldn't know a step flashing from a roll of felt -- and that's okay. Roofing contractors are here to help civilians -- they're our customers, after all. Then there are knuckleheads -- people who intentionally or unintentionally screw up the business. Knuckleheads get in the way of you doing your work smoothly and … [Read more...]